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:)One thing I do want to point out is that my apps DID NOT transfer over.I had to manually move them to the newly combine library, so be careful if your doing this, so you aren't overwriting apps with any older versions.To merge them permanently in Mac OSX, I will demonstrate you how to fix this knotty problem. Make sure update two i Tunes libraries with i Tunes 9 or later and maintain compatibility with the same version. Keep content in the same relative path on the new computer.Case 1: Move your i Tunes media to a new computer with the same operating system. Navigate to the "Edit" in the main menu and choose an "Prefences" option from drop-down list.There is a guide about how to play DRMed M4V movies without any authorizations. I have a large i Tunes library on a WD 2TB external hard drive from a older computer in which i Tunes would play items off the external HD and no i Tunes item save on the internal HD.With merging the 2 libraries, will it transfer my i Phone stuff as well? If you're confused on something, I'll try my best to clarify it. Your's may vary depending which library you're wanting to combine.2. In this step I chose the library on my external HD, so i Tunes would open up my larger library I'm wanting to add to. I navigated to my desktop to pick the I created in Step 2.

These are just the steps I took that worked in my particular case. Option Click i Tunes Chose the one on my Air (the smaller one I'm wanting to merge with the larger one.)My library was here: /Users/itj84/Music/i Tunes.

And it can avoid producing duplication among different i OS devices. And select the destination file on it so as to save all of them. For example, the path of my i Tunes library for Window 7 is: C:...\...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media.

Case 2: Merge i Tunes libraries between the different operating system. Let's plugin the external hard drive to the other computer. But the path of My i Mac is...\Music\i Tunes\i Tunes Media. Maybe the third party software such as Power Tunes helps us to solve this problem with ease.

I was trying to fo the route of keeping my itunes library on my external drive, like i did with my Mac Mini.

I find though, that I did occasionally need to sync an i OS device while away form my external drive with my new Mac Book Pro.

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