Consolidating different folders in itunes

Go back to your PC or other computer and wait for the same code to appear. A menu will appear showing you all of the information that can be transferred from this computer to the newer one.

Go to your i Tunes folder and ensure that there is a checkmark next to it.

Open i Tunes on the new computer and insert the external media device into the computer.

Copy the files to the computer’s hard drive, and then import them into i Tunes.

You can also use the external media device as a backup in case anything happens to your i Tunes library.Find the i Tunes folder by going to “i Tunes” and then “Preferences” if you are using a Mac, or “Edit” and then “Preferences” on a PC.Click “Advanced” to find the location of the folder.Open i Tunes and consolidate the folder so that you can easily burn everything.If you are using i Tunes 9 or later, then go to “File,” “Library,” “Organize Library” and then “Consolidate Files.” If you are using an earlier version of i Tunes, then go to “File,” “Library” and then “Consolidate.”Now burn all of the files to your external media device.

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This is definitely the quickest way to transfer your i Tunes library from one computer to another.

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