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To view the entries prior to posting, run the Eliminations report from the Business Unit page and on the Options tab, select the Journal and Batch for the elimination entries.In the Currency Exchange Rate Table, you can select the option of using the Local (Parent) or Business Unit (Subsidiary) as the source; alternatively enter the exchange rates from the business unit card as indicated above.

The decision to file consolidated financial statements with subsidiaries is usually made on a year to year basis and often chosen because of tax or other advantages that arise.The criteria for filing a consolidated financial statement with subsidiaries is primarily based on the amount of ownership the parent company has in the subsidiary.Generally, 50% or more ownership in another company usually defines it as a subsidiary and gives the parent company the opportunity to include the subsidiary in a consolidated financial statement.Generally, a parent company and its subsidiaries will use the same financial accounting framework for preparing both separate and consolidated financial statements.Companies who choose to create consolidated financial statements with subsidiaries require a significant investment in financial accounting infrastructure due to the accounting integrations needed to prepare final consolidated financial reports.

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