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A strong case can be made that graduates of single-sex versus coed schools are more, less, and equally intelligent.

between the physical structures of male and female brains.

Sure, many studies included in the meta-analysis found that kids in single-sex schools had higher levels of academic achievement.

But none of them came even close to statistical significance—suggesting that these blips are no reflective of a trend.

Should you enroll your kids in coed schools, or splurge on single-sex private schools?

It’s a tricky decision made trickier by the fact that conventional wisdom is often at odds with data.

As the data below illustrates, the researchers found that just two weeks of what they called “high salience” sex division was enough to cause toddlers to ascribe to gender stereotypes and become less interested in playing with the opposite sex.If this sounds up your alley, a little birdie told use Kit Kat Club and Insomnia are pretty good.There's a smorgasbord of soirees celebrating themes such as art, queerness, and sexual freedom. ) regularly takes place in a former coin factory (reduced admission for going half or fully naked! Gegen is known for putting Kit Kat’s swimming pool to good use. ), where fetish and bondage performances are likely to inspire seduction.In an all-women classroom, for instance, young women aren’t obliged to avoid science and invest in the arts to please their male peers.Indeed the data below, evaluated 57 preschoolers who were separated by sex for two weeks.

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