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Slavery is also more likely to occur where the rule of law is weaker and corruption is rife.

It can also happen to groups of people who are not protected by the law, for example migrants whose visa status is irregular are easy to blackmail with deportation.

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It can be someone living in poverty and having no real prospects for a decent job, who will accept a good sounding offer of a job abroad that turns out something else that what was promised.

It can be someone from a community heavily discriminated against, such as Dalits in India, who will have to borrow money for a medical treatment from a wealthy farmer, and will fall into debt bondage for decades with no hope of help from corrupted authorities.

The Government estimates that there are tens of thousands people in modern slavery in the UK.

*All estimates by ILO Subscribe to our emails to hear latest news about modern slavery, our work against slavery around the world, and different ways you can get involved.

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