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Dating apps aren’t getting results, no ones going out anymore and all the good ones are being swooped up. The fact any of them can cook is a great start for me. Want to work on that tan and potentially make your way to being a reality star?Are you picky, slightly judgey and easily turned off? Let the Love Lift bring you the boys and let Paddy help you score a date to Fernandos. You better like a bit of competition though as a the fight for a date is fierce and keeping your date when your in Fernando’s is even harder. The main thing about this show is that the contestants “don’t know” they’re on the show till they walk onto the beach. Love Island has a great success rate…when you’re in the villa. It has a beautiful diverse group of daters which shows how hard and challenging dating can be for people with physical conditions, learning disabilities, torettes and much more. You never know…Our Scarlett has taken over the classic Street Mate, made famous by Davina Mc Call. It’s the show everyone is talking about but would you date them? Yes, I used celebrity loosely on most of them but I would date Sam Thompson in a heart beat! Would you trust someone you haven’t even met to cook for you? If you put your faith in the match making process and think a show could find your potential life partner, then give is a go? A home cooked meal made for you 3 nights back to back by blind dates. The programme first aired in June 2013 and follows a simple premise: two people go on a blind date to a restaurant and at the end of their meal must sit together and give a debrief of how they think the date went, before revealing if they’d like to see the other person again.The results range from heart-warming to excruciating and the show has regularly trended on Twitter, as well as garnering extensive media coverage, from gripping exposé about what it’s "REALLY like" to go on a date in the infamous restaurant.

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At the show's peak, viewing figures reached 2.2 million, but under a million people tuned in to Episode One, Series Seven last week, suggesting that things might have become a little too predictable.

As much as I love seeing the peaks and pitfalls of strangers’ romantic endeavours, after more than 50 episodes, I may have seen enough.

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