Carrie prejean dating michael phelps

With his victory in the 200-meter butterfly, he won his 12th Olympic gold medal, which is a number only equaled by Leonidas of Rhodes.

That’s why she posted the dick pic and tagged Nicole.

At first glance, breaking a record from the ancient Olympics doesn’t sound all that impressive. But that’s not the kind of record Michael Phelps broke.

probably couldn’t run all that fast, or dunk a basketball, or even build a pool to swim the 200-meter butterfly in.

While Perez Hilton is still being a total drama queen and bitching and moaning about Miss California's answer to his question at the Miss USA pageant this past Sunday night, more news about Carrie Prejean is coming out -- she's dating the human fish made of gold.

She's been linked to Olympic Champion Michael Phelps recently, and it's her grandmother dishing the dirt.

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, these are photos Carrie used to have on her personal myspace from when her and Michael Phelps were dating. See, Carrie used to work at a modeling agency in San Diego called “Jet Set Models” and she even was represented by them just because she knew people and got her foot in the door (she had to make sure they dropped her from their client list before the miss california pageant because in the rules you are not supposed to be signed to any modeling agency….another rule she also broke) Well…herself and some of the girls who also worked at the agency took a trip to vegas because they knew michael phelps was going to be there so they set it all up to try and get him to meet Carrie.

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