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It would be nice to have finer control over this behavior so that you could have it regenerate the alias for a particular node without having to change the default settings.

Or perhaps, for unpublished nodes, it could continue to change the url since it's not live.

I'm not sure why it's not consistent between the two... It shows random list of 20 results in the block and 30 results on the more page.

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Hi, I have a site that's not yet live yet, and I wanted to change my pathauto settings after already creating some content.

Is it safe to use pathauto to delete all the aliases and then recreate them? Leave the old alias intact" option is not working - the aliases do not change. If you want the aliases to be updated, then you shouldn't use "Do nothing.

If you prefer that your urls *always* reflect the node title, then you should choose: "Create a new alias.I have access to Arcgis 9.3.1 and 10 (Arc Info license level).With help from Mark Cederholm I have a working solution using python and arcobjects.To get to the Drupal pathauto URL aliases settings, go to: Administer URL Aliases (admin/build/path/pathauto).1) General Settings a) Verbose - good idea to keep this on so you know if the alias was created properly b) Separator - dash is pretty standard and readable though I've seen people use underscores c) Character case - looks cleaner to stick with all lowercase (but when creating browser titles (page titles) for your nodes, it's good to use mixed case for better readability) d) Maximum alias length - keep to 100 or less so your urls won't be too long e) Maximum component length - although the recommended number is 100, I don't imagine you are going to have a word that long, so something much shorter seems more realistic. f) Maximum number of objects to alias in a bulk update - doesn't matter if you aren't doing bulk updates.

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