Body courting dating language

Many people claim not to know how to flirt, but research shows that flirting is actually a deeply ingrained and instinctive pattern of behavior.

Here is how we all show romantic interest through our nonverbal actions.

Men and women react differently to this initial attraction, but each gender’s behavior is remarkably similar around the world.

Eye Contact Eye contact is a crucial element to flirting.Flirting is a complex but highly necessary social ritual.Without flirting, prospective mates would find it difficult or impossible to build the framework necessary for a long-lasting and loving relationship.Both men and women will eventually attempt a meaningful gaze in the direction of the object of their affections.During this two to three-second stare, the pupils dilate, and the other person is forced to react.

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A nervous social smile, with the mouth open and teeth clenched, is common during awkward social interactions.

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