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As Belinsky once said at an AA meeting, “It’s a terrible feeling when you’re in pain and you know you’re going to remain in pain.You tell yourself, it’s gotta get better, but no, the game is just starting.These men had been best acquainted with the old Bo, the one who in the wake of his singular triumph used his good looks, charm and knack for getting his name in the newspapers to woo Hollywood starlets.

There, night after night, he ate supper, watched old movies on television, read the Bible and took obsessive care of a tabby cat named Choo-choo. In fact, it may have been the life he was best suited for all along, not that those who knew him at the height of his glory or the nadir of his madness would have predicted that it would turn out like this.

He had done what in those days was unthinkable for a rookie—held out for more money. Anything under ,500, he said, and he would stay home hustling pool in Trenton, New Jersey.

After the club agreed to renegotiate his deal at midseason, he accepted the ,000, but his labor action had made big news.

“I wouldn’t show what was really inside me, inside Bo Belinsky I was just a facade I’d carried along all my life.” On another occasion he said, “I was born apart. The former pitcher suffered from an array of illnesses, most seriously bladder cancer and diabetes.

These diseases, along with a recent hip replacement operation, the years of substance abuse, and one unconquered vice— he chain-smoked unfiltered English Oval cigarettes—had taken a toll on Bo’s appearance.

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