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Once you join the website, you will notice that most of the members are 25-34 years old, male and female.Probably because it was launched during that groups' teenage years.The only difference is that it has music-related icons everywhere. It only takes around 5 seconds if your internet is fast and 1-2 minutes assuming your internet is slow.Its functions are also easy to navigate and the tools are not that complicated.Tastebuds is an online dating website based in London that was founded in 2010.It matches single people with others who have similar tastes in music.There is an additional option, the "Facts About Me" section that you can edit once you feel like doing so.

If you happen to encounter a fake or one that has inappropriate content, you can report it and they will immediately act on it.

Instead of getting attracted to other people’s physical features or long list of adorable characteristics, this dating site will blend you in by using your music preference.

Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or searching for a new friend and a feel-good music, this might be the best love and dating website for you to visit. They specifically require that you are over this age before you can enjoy their features.

However, in the forum section, there are some members who are complaining about how it looks. If you go over the discussions, a lot of members are actually suggesting ways to improve the website.

If you avail of the 3-month service subscription, you will enjoy a 33% discount.

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Tastebuds reviews all information thoroughly because they want to make users feel safe and secured.

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