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The station’s initial architect died during construction and the outbreak of the war halted works until 1943.Another architect finished the works incorporating an additional theme, bas-reliefs installed on the walls to document the struggle of the war.In honour of Soviet fighting men, seven octagonal ceiling mosaics, bas-reliefs and cast bronze portraits depict soldiers of the Red Army and Russian war heroes.The large, ornate marble benches that line the platform walls were taken from the cathedral of Christ the Saviour and original floor lamps give Novokuznetskaya Station a special ambience.We have baulked at the cost of others such as the Tube in the UK and in New York, we pondered which is uptown and which is downtown in relation to where we need to be.

The initial metro stations were built by forced soviet labour.Lined with marble and decorated with chandeliers, intricate mosaic artworks, heroic statues and gilded trimmings, the Moscow Metro stations are not merely decorated; they are works of art.An entire day can be spent station hopping, admiring beauty and opulence that would have received a nod of approval from the Romanov’s themselves.Stalin had the vision to create a Metro system that would resemble “People’s Palaces”.His vision was realised in 1935 when the Metro was opened with just 13 stations.

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