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In the meantime, until the fame and fortune starts paying the bills these aspiring actors are usually working day and night jobs while taking classes and making contacts.While making it on a television show or starring in a film may be the ultimate goal, many actors pay the bills by booking commercials.So when our performance was put to the test across the U. Bookmark the i blog so you’re only a click away from the latest trends in the industry.Anyone who applies must be in good standing with SAG dues and a union actor. Because this will likely be a full day shoot, all applicants must be fully available. If you are unsure if you are a SAG-AFTRA actor, then you are non-union and you won’t be able to apply for this job. View the acting audition notice below for the complete details.

She became a member of the group The Groundlings (and is still a senior member today), and was auditioning for commercials around town, but was finding very little success.Take Isaiah Mustafa for example, the former professional football player became the face of Old Spice by portraying “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” in a commercial that went viral.“24” and “The Unit” actor Dennis Haysberthas become a spokesperson for Allstate and his iconic, “Allstate: Are you in good hands?Of course, with exposure and fame from their work, the doors have been opened for other possibilities and opportunities.You may know these five characters better by their character names, but let us introduce you to the people behind the brands.

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