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And it would seem even if we don’t like the no dating rule it probably voids their entire contract and therefore have every right to be fired.But on the other hand I’m also caught between what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.Shouldn’t they only be sold on the outskirts of town?And women in Japan usually leave their jobs to be full time housewives, but female celebrities don’t stop being celebrities to be a wife and mother. Turning a blind eye only makes things stay the same.

It seems like the only time that Johnny’s ever get punished is when they break the law. However, if you’re Kusanagi Tsuyoshi you can get arrested for running around naked while you’re drunk and have nothing happen to you.And even if the entertainment industry was 100% the way Japan as a whole is does that mean we should just look the other way and go, “well that’s just how they do things in Japan? Maybe if more fans (domestic fans anyway) were outraged by this things would change.And it’s not like the entire country agrees with the way the Mii-chan situation is being handled.Japanese netizens gave their opinion about the situation and a bunch of them said, “It’s against human rights to do this,” or, “She didn’t do anything wrong,” or, “Does this make her fans happy? The only upside to their no dating rule is that once they reach a certain age it no longer applies to them.”And in my opinion she didn’t really do anything wrong, but because she had the misfortune of being a female idol instead of a male idol she got the full brunt of this. With that it must seem like Johnny’s are actually allowed to date. I always thought 30 was the age, but someone else said it was 25. But let’s just split the difference and say it’s between the age of 25 and 30. Every single Johnny’s member has been involved in dating scandals before they were allowed to date. The only rule they seem to be strict on is the marriage ban. Who cares if you can’t get married if you can still date?

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Hey, maybe the unfairness is all because of the different fans that male and female idols have.

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