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The Greek letter beta (B) is pronounced V - so the correct way to say the name of the island is 'Lesvos'.

But because it looks like our letter B, it is often written and spoken in English as Lesbos.

It is very casual and laid-back, nothing flashy about it which is great.

I personally wouldn't choose to stay there because it is a bit out of the way and we like to walk and travel around the island, finding different beaches etc.

I wonder if capture sam could explain why the lightning is green : OHere's a suggestion to take a photo of your choice: Sign in to two separate web browsers. The images show 5-6 seconds later than one browser.

An image that you cannot capture will arrive after 5-6 seconds.

(We stay on the outskirts of Molyvos as it is a really nice place to be n the evening and has a wider mix of people, and of course many lovely Greek inhabitants). To the guys on harbour Molyvos 06/05/2018 about 16.00hr, have a good hol. Been going for last 23 years always stay in Petraits the best place in Greece going for 3 weeks so will give you a wave one ya Graham It is the Greek letter B that causes the confusion with Lesbos/Lesvos.

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