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First, like the woman who is looking for a somewhat helpless man, there are men who look for extremely dependent women, and what could be more dependent than someone who is disabled in some way?

Then there are the men who find the phallic stump of an amputated limb sexy.

So they marry an amputee who depends on them a great deal more than a non-amputee individual would.

It is the most erotic experience you can imagine." "I love it when my fiancé wraps the sexy stubs of her legs around my hips and squeezes while we are fucking.

Since the stump is phallic, or rather, a male phallus, this would lead me to believe that these men have some repressed homosexual tendencies.

Here they are with a cock of their own and they are getting excited by a woman because she has a large stump.

You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free.

"Welcome at Amputee Freak - site full of porn with girls without legs or hands!

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