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ANSWER: Egypt Daoud Dean was born to Alicia Keys and Kaseem Dean on Thursday, 14 October 2010.Like many celebrities and famous people, Alicia keeps her love life private.

Her hit album Girl on Fire earned her a 15th career Grammy Award in 2014 when it was named Best R&B Album. Alicia Keys has been engaged to Kerry Brothers (2008).

Then on July 31, 2010 the couple exchanged vows in front of their close family and friends aboard a 260-foot yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

I saw Carl Thomas at Primal in Atlanta hugging and kissing an incredibly beautiful woman, I thought was Alicia Keys at first, if this answers your question on is Carl Thomas dating?

Having said all that, I'm not defending Keys, I don't even like her. Who is single can has the right to date anyone she wants to.

Just defending all the "other women" out there.kadman: Never blame the other woman for a broken marriage, it's the fault of the man with the wandering d! I don't see one single person here even address Swizz himself.

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When Mashonda told the world that it was Alicia's fault I never believed her. Here is swiss n the ex-wife mashonda and their son!!

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