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It also boasts some rare ancient items like the oldest spoon found ever, and an extremely well preserved mummy of a Siberian warrior with a tattoo. The troupe includes 76 laureates and prize-winners of Russian and international competitions and 32 recipients of different titles.

The Novosibirsk Zoo is one of the biggest zoos in Russia.

It covers an area of 63 hectares and contains about 11,000 animals of 756 species.

It is also a home for a liger, a unique hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress.

The Novosibirsk Planetarium is a unique complex containing the Astrophysical Centre, the Foucault Tower, a park and a two-storeyed building of the Planetarium, which includes the Star Hall with a 16-metre dome, 2 observatory towers, etc.

They set up camp in 1893 while they were constructing a bridge over the Ob river.

The Zayeltsovsky Park is one of the oldest and the most picturesque parks in Novosibirsk; a favourite place for many people, it is often called “a green pearl”.

The Suzunsky Mint was the only mint from the Ural Mountains to the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

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Located in Berdsk and surrounded by a pinewood forest, Hotel Bilyna features an on-site restaurant serving European and Russian cuisine, a spa and wellness center, a sauna, a steam bath, and massage...

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Today, a museum is established at the place of the mint.

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