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Amy Lovell, the most senior faculty member of the Gay Johnson Mc Dougall Center for Global Diversity and Inclusion.

She spoke extensively about the Center’s work improving accommodations for transgender students in the classroom and on field trips, as well as expanding gender-neutral bathroom access.

Although Princeton Review listed Agnes Scott among its top ten most LGBTQ-friendly colleges in 2017, students say the school has not always made members of the trans community feel welcome.

Students spoke about the difficulty of obtaining transgender housing accommodations and the complete absence of trans-feminine people from the college.

Choosing the right accommodation is so important whatever your budget, location, and lifestyle.

Helping you find your perfect home is at the heart of everything we do and we provide a huge choice of individual halls for undergraduates that have their own identity and character plus options for postgraduates, visitors and staff members.

The Agnes Scott 2018-2019 student handbook also frequently includes statements referring collectively to students by female pronouns and as “women.” While this is unsurprising from a women’s college, it ignores and excludes trans-masculine Scotties like Daniel.

British and Dutch policy changes are briefly examined and compared with the multicultural policies of Canada and Australia.

Some European countries of immigration are currently experiencing a widespread ‘moral panic’ about immigrants and ethnic and religious diversity.

This has led to a questioning of policies that recognize the maintenance of group difference and the formation of ethno-cultural and religious communities.

Under California State University’s 2018 Executive Order 1111, Larisa Hamada, Director, Equity & Diversity is CSULB’s designated ADA Compliance Coordinator.

For Employee/Employee Applicant Accommodations: Please contact the Office of Equity & Diversity at 562-985-8256 or visit the Foundation Building, Suite 120 during 8AM-5PM, Monday through Friday, regular business hours.

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“I work directly with transgender students and the college’s IT department to implement a new policy that makes sure transgender students are consistently referred to by the correct name and pronouns, even when they have a different legal name,” she said.

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