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It may be that you have to "lead" the conversation because the woman you are with is a little on the shy side.After you've described your own hobby, if she doesn't volunteer her own information, why not ask her what she most likes to do in her spare time, when she first became interested in her hobby, if she has produced or worked on any projects she really enjoyed or is proud of, etc.Dear Rosie & Sherry, I really feel I have no clue how to get this dating process moving.I am focused on dating for marriage, and I usually get to date 3 or 4, and then the girl breaks up with me.Don't be afraid to allow the conversation to get off on a small tangent.

Don't spend more than 10 minutes discussing your job, and don't go into long, boring details about the intricacies of your job description.

Actually, we recommend waiting until at least the third date for this kind of activity, since the first two dates are better spent getting to know a little about each other).

Save the longer dates for when you know each other a little better, and will feel less awkward with the periods of silence that every couple experiences.

If you don't have a strongly negative reaction to your date, we recommend that you ask her out again, for a slightly longer second date.

Try not to stretch the date beyond 3 hours (4 hours only if you are engaged in some kind of activity that prevents you from talking, such as a concert.

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