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If you don’t have a good date idea in mind, try to think about places you can go to or activities that you can do that will put the limelight on that special Leo in your life.They love taking the stage and having all eyes on them, after all! Even a live magic show where they can volunteer to get inside the box that will be split in half with a chainsaw sounds great.In case you didn’t know this about Leos, they can be pretty demanding when it comes to love.But to them, it’s not even being demanding, because they just feel that they should ask for what rightfully belongs to them.Be sure that you shower them with compliments, but don’t feed them lies just so you can get inside their pants.You have to be sincere with your praise so that they will not be too proud or arrogant, which they are prone to be because of all the attention that they are used to.

They have the same approach to resolving conflicts and at creating the life they want in the future.

If you’re ready to take on the challenge of loving a Leo, good for you!

It’s bound to be a fun and unpredictable ride, so hold on to your seat!

When things start to get serious, Leos will expect you to be faithful and monogamous.

Don’t panic —they are just intense and possessive like that.

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