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This freedom from religious dogma has influenced social and cultural attitudes towards sex and the Czechs have a healthy relationship with physical intimacy and sexual activity.

It is therefore no surprise to learn than the Czechs are generally akin to this ideal of non-conformist, slightly eccentric and alternative lifestyle.Right wing groups and conservative groups have challenged the decision to include sexual orientation with the head of the Association for Protection of Parental Rights (VORP) believing that homosexuality is a ‘deviation’ that can be ‘cured’.The Czech Republic has one of the lowest prevalence rates of HIV/AIDs in Europe with sex workers and drug-users who use needles being at highest risk.Formerly one nation known as Czechoslovakia, the country is a former communist nation, being occupied by the Soviet Union until 1989.In 1993, Czechoslovakia was dissolved forming two separate countries; the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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